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Added 02/07/2018 | ID: DA20182 Fort Lauderdale, FL Category: Allied Dental (Dental Assistant) Employment Type: Temporary

Need a talented, credentialed, highly skilled Dental Assistant?  Look no further!

Lauren's credentials speak for themselves.  

Available to temp within 30 miles of Fort Lauderdale (33309)


  • Periodontic and Oral Surgery assisting for the following procedures:
    • extractions
    • platelet rich fibrin preservation
    • sinus lifts, connective tissue grafts
    • free gingival grafts
    • pedicle grafts
    • frenectomies
    • laser therapy
    • ridge augmentation
    • subperiosteal implants
    • all on four dental implants/hybrid prostheses
    • individual dental implants
    • tori removal
    • placing/removing sutures
    • soft tissue management
  • Special Needs dental assisting including; incarcerated adults with behavioral health needs, institutionalized adults with mental health needs
  • Provisional crown fabrication, cord packing, mixing/trimming cements
  • Invisalign photos/impressions, sealants
  • In-office whitening systems: chemically/laser activated, tray fabrication
  • Dental casting: taking/pouring negative impressions, trimming stone positives
  • Digital/conventional radiography: ScanX, Dexis, Kodak, Schick, panoramic, dental CT scan, lateral oblique
  • Endodontic assisting
  • Charting Dentrix/Eaglesoft/Softdent/EasyDent/Microsoft Office
  • Emergency and time management, asepsis, patient education, medical ethics, teamwork, active listening, highly adaptable, teachable, gentle, improvisational skills, quick learner, self-starter in new and unfamiliar environments

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